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Questions to ask when viewing a property

questions to ask when you are viewing a property

Questions to ask when viewing a property

Buying a house can be a daunting prospect, especially as you are parting with a substantial sum of money, so preparation is key. In-person viewings allow you to find out as much as you can about the property before committing to buy, so dig deep and ask all the important questions - it will help you make your decision. We’ve compiled a list of questions below as a starting point, and included lots that you may not have thought of!

About the property

• Property asking price

• Is there leeway on the asking price? Do they accept offers?

• If the property is yet to be built, what’s the likely finishing date?

• What is the parking like if the property doesn’t have a private driveway?

• Does the property come with flooring?

• Does the garden come landscaped?

• What choices are available in terms of home decor (kitchens, flooring etc)

• Which way does the garden face?

• What standard fixtures and fittings are included in the price?

• What does the new home warranty include and who is it through?

• Who are the energy suppliers?

• Are there any restrictive covenants?

Local area

  • Is the area noisy?
  • Are there any plans to extend the development?
  • Which school are in the catchment area and what are they like?
  • Are the transport links good?
  • How far is the nearest train station or bus stop?
  • Where are the nearest shops?
  • Where’s the nearest doctors surgery, dentist and hospital?
  • What are the neighbours like?
  • Has the area got a crime record?


  • How much is the council tax for the house?
  • Is the property lease or freehold?
  • If the property is leasehold, how much is the ground rent/service charge?
  • Who is the leasehold owned by?
  • What do I get with the property? i.e. flooring, appliances
  • Are there any discounts or incentives available?
  • Do you take part-exchange of an existing property?


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