Legal & General Affordable Homes

Legal & General Affordable Homes

There is a shortage of affordable housing in the UK, especially in places where people prefer to live. The high level of deposit required to buy a home outright means many people can’t afford to access a new home and are stuck renting.

Legal & General Affordable Homes was created to make a real difference to the number of affordable homes available in England. Our purpose is to increase the supply of affordable housing by investing long-term institutional capital to build more affordable homes for those that need them. We are a subsidiary of Legal & General Capital who invest in key sectors where there has previously been a shortage of investment and innovation in the UK.

We aim to build 3,000 affordable homes per year. We are committed to providing well managed, high-quality homes with excellent customer service. We look forward to welcoming you as a Legal & General customer and helping you build your future.

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