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Over 60s Home for Life

Are you 60 or over and searching for the ideal home?

A Home for Life from Over 60s home specialists, Homewise, is a unique solution that can enable you to secure your perfect new home for up to 59% less* than the market value and be mortgage free. Achieve your new home goals and be free of financial burdens.

Your budget could be boosted, with a Home for Life

If you’re aged 60 years or older, a Home for Life could be the right option for you. Pay thousands less to secure your new home, with help Homewise.

There’s no financial lending with a Home for Life. No mortgage, no rent, no interest to repay. Simply choose your brand-new home and Homewise buys the property.

With greater savings versus the full purchase price, you have even more choice of new homes!

Input your current budget in the quick calculator and instantly see the property price you could look up to, broadening your new home options.

A bespoke solution, tailored for you

Every Homewise Home for Life is unique and tailored to your budget and moving goals.

With a significant saving on the property, you could move to your dream home in the ideal location (anywhere in England or Wales), create savings for your retirement, pay off a previous mortgage or debts, and gift a guaranteed inheritance for loved ones if you wish.

Request a call from Homewise to discover how a Home for Life could work for you and your bespoke quote today.

Would you like a free valuation of your property?

How does a Home for Life work?

Be free from ongoing financial burdens and have peace of mind knowing that you are secure in your home for your lifetime, with a Home for Life from Homewise. Search for your dream home today.

*Savings against the property value range from 8.5% to 59% for freehold properties (that is with 0% safeguarded) and depend on the customer’s age, personal circumstances, and property criteria. Only available to those aged sixty years old and over. Homewise terms and conditions apply.