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Choosing the perfect new homes for retirement that suit your needs

Making the decision to move from the comfort of your own home into a new retirement home is not one to be taken lightly and needs a lot of thought and preparation.

In order to live as independently as possible, you need access to everything you'd expect in your own home such as space for storage, even the types of tap fittings used and the heights of units. These small details mean that you can continue to look after yourself well in your retirement home. Assisted living is a great option for those who can maintain a good degree of independence and are well enough not to need a full time care home but need a bit of extra help in their retirement home. Many retirement developments offer assisted living for those that need it while still allowing its residents a high degree of independence.

Location, location, location

Modern new retirement developments are thought out very carefully with special attention paid to detail, from the style of the
property and its natural surroundings, to the distance from local shops, hospitals, transport and social aspects such as meeting clubs and restaurants.

You want value for money from a retirement home, in a location suitable for you, with the facilities you need and a clear idea of what extra charges you will need to budget for. Energy efficiency should be high on the tick list too because the more efficient a property, the less costly it will be to run and the more money you will have spare to spend on enjoying your retirement.

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