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Rooftop Housing Group

Ash Meadows

by Rooftop Housing Group

Worcester, Worcestershire, WR5 3HR

2, 3 & 4 bedroom properties

Shared ownership

Crown View

by Rooftop Housing Group

Powick, Worcestershire, WR2 4SF

2 bedroom houses

Shared ownership

The Hawthorns

by Rooftop Housing Group

Pinvin, Worcestershire, WR10 2LR

3 bedroom house

£120,000 for a 40% share
(£300,000 Full Market Value)

Shared ownership

About Rooftop Housing Group

Since 1994 we’ve helped people in housing need get a safe, secure, and appropriate home. For nearly a quarter of a century we have been at the heart of our communities, serving our customers… We are proud to have over 6,500 homes in South Worcestershire and North Gloucestershire making some vibrant communities.

Our communities are changing, and we are changing with them. We’re becoming the business our customers will need for the next quarter century. You can help us become a modern, agile, lean business. At Rooftop we live our values because our values build our business. Our values underpin our development and rewards programme, and our new Personal Development Plans make sure that our people have the up to date skills for an ever-changing work environment.