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Angus is a Scottish county which borders areas of Aberdeenshire, Kinross, Dundee City and Perth. Angus has an interesting dichotomous landscape, with mountainous regions in the north and west - the area occupied by the five Agnus Glenns, and rolling hills in the south. The north is thinly populated and those who do dwell in the region take up hill farming. But the southern regions are where the major towns in the county and the city of Dundee are located. And therefore, these areas are quite heavily populated. The renowned potatoes and soft fruits of Starthmore originate from an area known as the Great Valley, somewhat in the middle of the two distinct topographical areas. Arbroath is the largest town, and Forfar is the county town. The entire county is reasonably well connected by road and rail and Dundee's regional airport links the county with Aberdeen and Edinburgh international airport. There are plenty of educational facilities found across the county's major towns. The culture and sports of Angus are very close-knit and inclusive, with major national and communal events and festivals taking place regularly, making it a very community-centered place to live. Find your new home in Angus today.