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Dorset sits on the coast of the English Channel, a non-metropolitan county that covers an area of over 2,600 square kilometres. It is bordered by Devon to the West, Somerset to the North West, Wiltshire in the North East and Hampshire in the East. The principal town is Dorchester, which sits in the South of the area and gives the county its name. The first human settlements on the land date back as far as the Neolithic age and the county has historic significance because of subsequent battles fought on the soil, especially during the time of the English Civil War. Dorset is mostly rural, with most of the population living in rural settlements, villages and farms. There are a few large towns but no cities, with the South East Dorset conurbation being the only major urban settlement. The topography of the land consists of hard rock, chalk, clay and mixed sand and gravel. Find your new home in Dorset today.