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In South West England, the county of Gloucestershire encompasses: the entire lush Forest of Dean, a slice of the picturesque Cotswold Hills and the stunning valley of River Severn. The largest towns in the county are Stroud famous as a cloth-town, Cirencester and Tewkesbury, and the county-town is the City of Gloucester.

The county offers many education opportunities, with as many as 42 secondary schools, and numerous other independent and private schools. Higher education can also be pursued at the University of Gloucester, and other colleges in the large towns. The county has a very loaded history, and houses some of the most interesting and monumental landmarks in England. Its market towns usually have old Victorian architectural inlays, parish churches and public libraries.

The county is efficiently interconnected with buses and trains operating regularly. Along with this interconnectedness and the county's history, the culture of Gloucestershire is also very inclusive. For instance, they annually hold a cheese-rolling event (near Cooper Hill) and the Cotswold games, where the entire county participates. Find your new home in Gloucestershire today.