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Newport is a city located in south-east Wales, approximately 12 miles from Cardiff. With a population of nearly 150,000 Newport is the third largest city in Wales. Newport has been a functioning port since the time the Normans built their castle in the medieval ages. It is one of Wales' leading coal exporting areas. Although its port facilities have declined the city still exists as one of the leading manufacturing and engineering centres. Newport Unlimited has launched perhaps one of the most extensive regeneration programs for the city. They are rehabilitating, practically reconstructing the city with regards to its infrastructure, leisure facilities, educational platforms, residential areas and commercial set ups. Along with this, the transport system is also being enhanced - road, rail and air are all easily accessible to Newporters. With its rich cultural scene and host of activities for residents and visitors, Newport is fast becoming a modern city that is both historically monumental and modernized. The pubs, bars and nightclubs are spread out long and wide. As are the museums and art galleries. Concurrently, the coast and natural landscape is a splendid place for relaxation. Find your new home in Newport today.