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In the heart of the East Midlands, the landlocked county of Northamptonshire is home to a population of about 600,000. It borders eight different counties - it is situated to the West of Warwickshire and to the East of Cambridgeshire. Kettering, Corby and Daventry are some of the large towns in Northamptonshire. It has recently become a very popular tourist destination within England, as its countryside is full of tradition and culture, and its more cosmopolitan areas are very technologically advanced. Along with both historic and modern attractions in the county, it has 42 schools, a number of colleges, and one university (Northampton University) for the residents. Healthcare and transport services are very evenly spread throughout the county as well. The M1 motorway that connects London to Leeds links Northamptonshire with the rest of England by road, just as the Oxford and Grand Union Canal link it by water. There is also a very active sports vista in the county, with facilities for rugby, cricket, motorsports, football and swimming. Find your new home in Northamptonshire today.