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Big news! We have just reached the milestone of 1 MILLION registered users, specifically looking for a new build home. Targeting this pre-qualified audience can help you generate more leads for your new build developments. Our users are all over England, Scotland and Wales, meaning wherever your development may be, we'll have an audience for you.

Target our audience and sell your homes

In addition to listings, we provide a suite of marketing products to generate additional leads for your developments, including:

  • email campaigns
  • SMS campaigns
  • social media lead generation
  • enhanced listings packages
  • geo-targeted banner advertising
  • InSearch ads
  • coming soon packages
... and much more!

With thousands of leads generated each month for developers, estate agents and housing associations, our cost-effective listing fee represents excellent value for money. Our social media presence is the largest in the new homes sector and is growing exponentially.


Last updated July 24th, 2023

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One MILLION registered users