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With a population of over a million, and area-wise the fourth largest county in England, Devon lies close to the edge of South West England. The cathedral and county town, Exeter and the city of Plymouth are among the heavily populated areas. Although most of the county is rural, Devon has two coastlines, which have started attracting large swarms of tourists. Consequently, the coasts are flourishing, and new parks and resorts are fast being built. Devon's landscape is beautifully and diversely decorated with rolling hills, traditional villages, energetic market towns and a truly peaceful countryside. The east Devon coast, more popularly known as the 'Jurassic Coast', is a natural UNESCO World Heritage Site - England's only one. With around 37 state sponsored schools and 23 private institutions, the education in Devon is very diverse. In fact, two major British universities (University of Exeter and University of Plymouth) are found in the county. Devon also has plenty of festivals, exhibitions and celebrations to keep its residents in high spirits and busy. Find your new home in Devon today.