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Essex lies in the East of England, very close to London. It has the sixth largest population among counties and is perhaps one of the most diverse with a host of activities and occupations open to residents and visitors alike. Essex's allure lies primarily in its eclectic mix of intriguing archeological sites, historical landmarks, coastal resorts, beautiful traditional villages and picturesque countryside. The historic county town, Chelmsford, has been occupied since the 5th century and is the hub for shopping and travelling. The town of Colchester is famous for its cloth weaving, botany, and oysters. The Norman Castle's 16th century architecture is one of many monumental designs found in the area. Along with these landmarks, Essex's charming coastline and piers embellish it with a concurrently splendid water-landscape. The transport facilities in the county are quite well-organised and extensive. Road and Rail connects the county to the city of London, as well as neighboring counties and cities. There are also about 90 secondary schooling institutions and four large universities in Essex, which enhance the standard of living of the younger population. Find your new home in Essex today.