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A particularly low-lying country situated in the East of England, Norfolk shares borders with Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire to the west and with Suffolk towards the south. Since it is on the edge of the country, it shares its northern and eastern boundaries with the North Sea. With a population of nearly 900,000 it is one of the larger non-metropolitan counties. Norfolk has a rich history, and in fact, predates the Roman occupation. The county has perhaps one of the most extensive educational (state) systems - with secondary schools and boarding schools. But it also has several colleges and universities, like the University of East Anglia, and Norwich University College of Arts. Although the county does not have a motorway, the A11 links Norfolk to Cambridge and London. Norfolk is also a very popular tourist destination, as it has a rich history like that in the city of Norwich, beautiful coasts at Cromer and a few of the most lovely English beaches like the one at Holkham bay. There are a host of other activities to indulge in, from Norfolk's numerous amusement parks and zoos to theatres and art festivals. Find your new home in Norfolk today.