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Renfrewshire is a council area located in the Central Lowlands region of Scotland. The council area along with East Renfrewshire and Inverclyde were part of the historic county of Renfrewshire that were reshuffled in 1975. It lies on the southern border of Glasgow with the River Clyde forming the boundary between the two. Renfrewshire has a total population of 170,300, nearly half of which lives in urban areas. The county seat is located at Paisley which is also the largest town in Renfrewshire. Paisley once had a booming textile industry and was famous for its unique fabric patterns. Modern Paisley is an industrial and trade centre that is also known for its Thomas Coats Memorial Church, Paisley Abbey and for its imposing town hall. Renfrewshire is a picturesque area with many lochs dotting the space and hosting a number of rare species of birds. Find your new home in Renfrewshire today.