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Warwickshire is a prominent county in the West Midlands. Affectionately known as Warks, the county is the birthplace of William Shakespeare and George Elliot. The modern Warwickshire County took shape in 1974 when some towns were transferred to the West Midlands County. Warwick is the county seat though Stratford-upon-Avon is the internationally renowned town of Warwickshire. It receives more than three million tourists a year who want to visit the place where Shakespeare was born and raised. Warwickshire has a population of over 536,000, which is almost equally divided between towns and the countryside. The River Avon shapes much of the geography of Warwickshire with the rest of the area comprising of meadows, farmlands, ponds, lakes and forests. The river and most of its tributaries are navigable and offer an alternative mode of transportation to the residents. Find your new home in Warwickshire today.