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Aberdeenshire is a council and lieutenancy area in the northern region of Scotland. Created in 1975, Aberdeenshire borders the council areas of Angus, Highland and Moray, and Perth and Kinross. The city of Aberdeen was once part of the county but since has become a unitary authority of its own. The administrative headquarters are still located in Aberdeen. Aberdeenshire, which has a population of 245,800, is an ancient region of Scotland that traces its history to prehistoric times. Aberdeenshire is home to Longman Hill, a prehistoric archaeological site that attracts significant tourist attention. The council area has a rich geography comprising of hills on the northern boundaries that continue rising towards the Highlands. Sandy beaches of the North Sea make up the eastern boundary of the council and remain a popular tourist spot whereas the rest of Aberdeenshire comprises of farmlands, meadows, lakes and pastures. Find your new home in Aberdeenshire today.