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In the picturesque northwest region of Wales, flanked by the Roman city - Chester (in Cheshire) and Snowdonia, lays the county of Flintshire. Although the region has a rich history, Flintshire itself came into being only as far back as 1996. It is famous for being the 'gateway to Wales', though it is obviously much more. It is still home to a number of historical landmarks like Gladstone library and gorgeous castles, like Flint Castle. The St. Winefrides well is cited as one of the seven wonders of Wales. Along with its rich cultural heritage, some of Flintshire's major towns like Mold, host a series of street markets and food festivals. In fact, the entire county is quite culturally active, with art and music festivals on occasion and regular choirs, galleries, karaoke pubs and theatres are also easily found. Wales’ coast and the Clwydian mountain range dominates the landscape. Flintshire has around 75 primary schools and 12 high schools, with higher education facilities in nearby counties. All in all, the county is scenic, well equipped and has a prime location. Find your new home in Flintshire today.