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Midlothian is a council and lieutenancy area of Scotland. It shares boundaries with the Scottish Borders, East Lothian and the City of Edinburgh. The modern Midlothian council was established in 1996 and has a total population of 81,100 that mostly live in rural hamlets with some urban centres. Dalkeith is the county seat and the largest city in Midlothian. It is a market town that has played a key role in Scottish history. The city is home to many landmark buildings such as St. Nicholas-Buccleuch Church, the Tolbooth and the Corn Exchange that attract many tourists. Dalkeith Palace, another historic building, is also located in the city. Midlothian, like much of Scotland, has a lush green landscape with a rising altitude towards its northern borders. The council area comprises of many lakes, ponds and streams that drain into the River Esk. Find your new home in Midlothian now.


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