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The naturally beautiful landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Lincolnshire cater for a population of over a million in the East Midlands. It is the second largest county and England, and its county town is Lincoln. Lincolnshire is the home of many of England's renowned landmarks, like the imposing Boston Stump, the great architectural accomplishments of Harlaxton Manor and Burghley House, and range of beautiful abbeys, churches and castles. The county was primarily an agrarian one, with most of its lands devoted to the harvesting of wheat, barley, oilseed and sugar beet. But mechanisation enabled the population working in those lands to switch to other occupations as the county modernised quite swiftly. Now, Lincolnshire has an efficient and diverse transport system connecting internally and externally by road and rail. With four hospitals and a lot of public care units throughout, the county towns are well facilitated in terms of healthcare. Most of the towns in the county have primary, secondary and grammar schooling. The cultural amenities and events are also diverse and abundant. Find your new home in Lincolnshire today.