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In the Humber region of England lies the metropolitan county of South Yorkshire, with a population of 1.29 million people and an area that covers 599 square miles. The county consists of four designated metropolitan boroughs: Barnsley, Rotherham, Sheffield and Doncaster. It is bordered by Derbyshire in the south west, West Yorkshire in the north west, North Yorkshire in the north, East Riding of Yorkshire in the north east, Lincolnshire in the east and Nottinghamshire in the south east, making it a completely landlocked area. The modern borders of the county were established in 1974, but there is evidence of human settlement dating back to the prehistoric times. The main settlements existed on mining and steel production and the area has significant coal deposits in the north and east. The landscape of the county has both highs and lows; with rolling hills and broad valleys. Find your new home in South Yorkshire today.


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