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In the East Midlands lies the county of Derbyshire, with its large territory encompassing hills of the Pennine Range and extensive forests of the National Forest. It is bordered by Great Manchester, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire. The county is designated as being non-metropolitan, with a population of over a million inhabitants spread out in 30 towns. The economy is sustained by coal mining in the North East of the area and agriculture in the West. It is rich in natural resources such as lead, iron, coal and limestone, and is known for extensive hill farming and for supplying limestone and other resources for steel making. There is evidence of human life having existed on the land as far back as the Upper Palaeolithic age. It is the 21st largest county in the country, and ranks 19th according to population. Find your new home in Derbyshire today.