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Lancashire is also known as the County of Lancaster, after the city of Lancaster that is the county town. Residents of the county are referred to as Lancastrians and it has a population of almost one and a half million people. The county traces its origin back to the 12th century and cemented its place as a stronghold of industrial and commercial development following the Industrial Revolution. In the 1830s the county was known for being the source of 85% of the cotton supply in the world. The geography of the county is diverse, with hills such as Gragareth, which is the highest point, and rivers such as Ribble Wyre and Lune that drain westward through the Pennines and into the Irish Sea. The valleys of these rivers house many of the county's cotton mill towns. It is known for shipbuilding and for the defence industry based on the Flyde coast. Find your new home in Lancashire today.