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Greater London was created in 1965 as a top-level administration division spanning the City of London and all 32 of London's boroughs. Although Greater London's borders cover the City of London, the City of London remains a separate metropolitan area with a unique governing structure. Greater London is by far the most densely populated area in the UK, with its 7,753,600 residents squeezing into an area of 1,579 square kilometers, which means there are approximately 4,761 people per square kilometer. Greater London is bordered on the East by Essex and Hertfordshire. Other home counties adjoining it include Buckinghamshire, Surrey and Kent. Greater London, mostly just referred to as London, is one of the principal cities of the world, although technically not a city unto itself. The area is home to some of England's most popular historic sites, including Big Ben, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle. With an area teeming with life and opportunity, find your new home in Greater London today.