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Cleveland is a former county located in the North East of England. Although the county was abolished in 1996, the area has retained its importance. It borders the Teesside conurbation and sits on a historically important trade route. Cleveland had a population of 541,333 in 1991 that has seen a growth in recent years. Middlesbrough is the largest town of the area that traces its history to pre-Anglian times. The town has a significant industrial and retail base and offers vibrant entertainment options with many theatres, art galleries and cinemas. Cleveland offers some of the most prominent geographical features in the north of England and is known for the Roseberry Topping. The Cleveland Hills rise in the southern part of the county and offer stunning views of the surrounding areas. The River Tees cuts across the county and the local topography is defined by trees, hills, farmlands and pastures. Find your new home in Cleveland today.


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